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August Governing Board Highlights

Posted: 8/4/2013


At the July 2013 Board Meeting, it was decided to move our worship service off campus & change the name of the church in order to better fulfill our mission of making disciples in the greater Middletown area.

At the August meeting, the Board unanimously agreed to look into the possibility of renting Circleville Middle School on Route 302, as well as change the name of our church to Crossroads Church. Below are the reasons for these changes.

Sundays at Circleville Middle School

After trying to fulfill our mission of making disciples at our current campus, we believe it is time to take a step of faith and relocate our worship ministries to a building that allows us the space to both do our current ministry in a more effective way, as well as allow growth potential for the future.

Unfortunately, our current building is already tapped out in these areas, especially if we are trying to provide a family friendly environment. Our hallway is not a foyer where folks can congregate for fellowship. Our Christian Education room is already cramped in terms of providing an adequate space to do children’s ministries. As many of you are aware, we have tried making many changes already, taking down the wall, even using the parsonage and it still didn't work. Our sanctuary while currently set up for about 90 people continues to hit the 80% rule for continued growth. Even the parking lot cannot sustain any extra real growth. Also our building occupancy code is only 110, which means by law we are only allowed 110 people into our building at one time.

We also recognize that these space issues affect new people checking out our church. While we have had a good track record of folks coming to visit, rarely do they stay. In talking with some of those folks, one of their observations was the smallness of our building and it’s limitation to doing effective ministry, especially with children. Because of these issues & a desire to do ministry in a more effective way, the Board has voted unanimously to move our Sunday ministries off campus.

Name Change - CROSSROADS

The reasons for changing the name of our church to Crossroads Church is because many people that we talk to outside our church have no idea what the word “alliance” really means. A lot of groups use that word & thus it becomes confusing when describing what it means. Also, we believe moving away from the word “Middletown” provides us an opportunity to be more inclusive to non-Middletown folks.

We chose the name “Crossroads” because of the following reasons: We want to point people to the cross of Christ. We want Christians who are a part of our church to take up their cross daily & follow Christ.  We are at the crossroads of our target area along the I-84/17 corridor. We also believe that the name talks about people coming to the cross roads of their life, where we can point them to the cross of Christ.

And as a church, we are at a cross road in terms of fully joining Christ in His mission of seeking and saving that which is lost. And it’s at the cross that faith and life really intersect.

Also while the name is being changed to Crossroads we still are being true to our Alliance roots. One way we will to this is by including our denominational name in official & legal documents, which would read... Crossroads Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Fulfilling God’s Mission

A move off-campus and a name change by itself will not make a difference in fulfilling God’s mission. But coupled with a disciple-making strategy, relational outreach & meeting weekly in Life Groups, we believe will give us the greatest possibility of being on mission with God. Thus we encourage you to join us in moving forward to glorify God by being disciples, who make disciples.

Many years ago, some of you followed what you believed was God’s vision by selling the North street church and then eventually moving to County Route 78. Today, we believe that God is calling us to make a move and take our Sunday ministries to a location that will better help us to fulfill His vision of being & making disciples.

For us in leadership, we do not take this change lightly or carelessly, but rather our trust is in the Lord, who we believe has called us to make these changes. Thus to not follow His calling, is to not move with God when He calls us to do so.

The Bible reminds us in Psalm 20, “that some trust in horses, and some in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord.” Likewise, we are called to trust in Lord, even during times of change, because our God calls us daily to change, so that we look more and more like Him. And one of the ways that we do that is by trusting in Him even in the midst of change.

If you have any comments or questions concerning this update and the changes that it represents or if you would like to know how you can help, please feel free to talk with any of us who are on the Board.

Governing Board Members:

  • Pastor Dave
  • Shawn Powell
  • Rand Edwards
  • Alice Yonskie
  • Sara Brooks
  • Ilene Edwards
  • Sarah Powell

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