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July Governing Board Highlights

Posted: 7/7/2013


At the July 5th Governing Board meeting, there was a lot of discussion & prayer about how we as a church continue to push forward in being disciples, who make disciples. Part of the discussion was about the word, “change.” We recognize that none of us like to change because we are creatures of habit by nature. Yet, God’s Word talk’s regularly about change, as it encourages us to continually conform to the image of Christ…which takes a lot of change! As we prayed & discussed about what changes we believe that God would want us to follow, we came up with the following things:

Ongoing Discipleship – this includes assessing where people are on the discipleship wheel, then developing a plan for helping them to grow. It also means developing more coaches to do one-on-one or group discipleship training.

Relational Outreach – to be relational in our outreach, we will need to do the following: continue our all-church outreaches that give us a presence in our community, provide acts of kindness as a way of sharing the deeds & words of Christ thru servant evangelism projects, focus more intently on proclamation evangelism where we share the Gospel message in order to lead people to Christ, and utilize the summer & fall to develop relationships with lost people.

New Life Groups – Our small group ministry is the backbone of our disciple-making ministry, so we need to develop more groups that focus on the 4 components of our Life Group ministries, which are: Study the Bible for life application, Serve the community thru servant evangelism projects, Support CMA missions thru adopting a CMA missionary, and Share our life with others in our group as well as our friends, relatives, work associates & neighbors.

New Venue for Worship the Governing Board is planning to move our Sunday Worship Service off campus as a way of providing a more adequate place to do ministry. We are asking God to provide us the right location, right building, for the right finances. While our Sunday ministry will move off campus, we will use our current campus as a ministry center to do effective discipleship.

New Name for Church – we as a Board believe that the name of a church gives us the first opportunity to cast vision, as well as grow the scope of a church’s ministry beyond a name that is geographically limited. Because of this belief, we are in the process of coming up with a name that better represents what our disciple-making vision is all about.

New Faith – lastly, we believe that God is presenting us with an opportunity to grow spiritually, as well as in other tangible ways. When God presents these opportunities, a certain degree of risk is always involved.  It may be risk of time or money or a risk of stepping out of a comfort zone. At that moment, we have 2 options: step out in faith or be paralyzed by fear & refuse to move at all. As a Board, we believe that it is time to step out in faith & join God in the things that He still wants to accomplish thru us and the ministries that we represent as a Church. We invite you to join us, as we join God in being ALL that God wants us to be!

Yours, for Running with God