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Digging Deeper


Posted: 1/19/2014

A New Perspective

Read Acts 8:1-8 According to this passage, what was the result of the persecution that broke out against the church?

This persecution & displacement of the Christians was certainly uncomfortable & inconvenient, and in some instances people died where persecution was severe. All of us like being comfortable, but the reality is that God’s people have often been more fruitful & faithful when faced with challenging circumstances than they were when things were comfortable. When we are weak we are forced to look outside ourselves. It is sad that we often look to God in prayer as a last resort, but when we have nowhere left to go, God is our only hope. Describe a time in your life when you faced challenging circumstances & it resulted in spiritual growth

The man named Saul in Acts 8:3 who was persecuting Christians is the same man who would later be renamed Paul & champion the mission to the Gentiles. What does his life story reveal to us about God’s grace

When Philip goes down to Samaria (8:4-8), his preaching is accompanied by miraculous signs and wonders, including healings & exorcisms. The pattern in Acts is that the filling of the Spirit, signs & wonders & the proclamation of the Gospel are always tied together in some way (2:4, 4:8, 4:31, 9:17, 13:9). The purpose of miracles in the Bible is to accomplish one or more of the following: provide evidence for divine power, persuade people toward belief, and confirm the testimony of God’s truth-bearers.

Which purpose(s) are being accomplished through the miracles Philip does?

What is your initial reaction to these miracles? Does this make you uncomfortable?

This is the first time recorded in the Bible that “ordinary believers” (non-apostles) began preaching the gospel. Acts 8:1 says that “all except the apostles were scattered.” Then in v. 4, “Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.” Thus, the mission of the church from the very beginning was dependent not solely upon charismatic and gifted leaders, but upon the faithful proclamation of all followers of Jesus. What significance does this have for your life?

One of the major goals of this study is for you to develop a passion for and comfort with sharing the gospel with others. For some of you this may not be something you are very comfortable with. Take a few minutes to write out, in your own words, your answer to the questions, “What is the gospel? How does the gospel change everything?” Practice sharing this with someone in your group.