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Digging Deeper


Posted: 1/5/2014

Icebreaker Options:

  • What has been the most memorable gift that you have ever received?
  • What has been the most memorable gift that you have ever given?

Study Questions:

1. Read Matthew 2:1-2. Where did the Magi (Wise Men) come from? Who were they looking for? Why? What is the significance of this to Herod?

2. Where did the Magi go? Why? What do these verses tell us about Jesus? About the Magi? What does “his star” suggest? (Matthew 4:16; Numbers 24:17)

3. Read verses 3-4. How did Herod and ALL Jerusalem respond to their queries? Why was Herod so disturbed? What did he do? What was the purpose of Herod’s “Bible study”?

4. Read verses 5-6. What did the words of the prophet Micah teach about Jesus? In what way does he resemble King David? (Micah 5:2; 2 Samuel 5:2)

5. Read verses 7-8. What information did King Herod get from the Magi? How did he try to make use of them? How did he lie to them? How did God protect the Magi?

6. Read verses 9-12. What filled the Magi with joy? Why does their mission make them joyful? How and where did they find Jesus? What filled you with joy during this past Christmas season?

7. Upon finding Jesus, what did the Magi do? Why was it so important to them to find and worship Jesus? What might the Magi (Wise Men) have overcome to arrive and find Jesus?

8. What does this passage tell us about Jesus? In what sense do these Magi represent every person? From history, what is symbolic about the gifts given to Jesus?

9. Respond to the following statements:

  • If the Magi (Wise Men) can overcome and find Jesus and worship Him, then so can you.
  • If God can use a star to reach these mystical, pagan star-gazers, then He can use anything to reach anybody.
  • If the Magi offered Jesus gifts fit for a regal king, then so should we.