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Digging Deeper


Posted: 3/16/2014

Jesus Warns Thrill Seekers, Be Satisfied in Christ (6:26-40)

1) Looking back at v. 22-24, what appears to be the reason for the crowds’ ongoing interest in Jesus?

2) What disconnect have they made between Jesus doing wonders like healing and feeding them and Jesus himself?

a) What folly does Jesus point out them exists in trading food for Christ?
b) What does their request in v. 30-31 say about their understanding of Jesus?
c) What implicit challenge are they giving Jesus in those verses?

3) Jesus employs similar imagery of food with this crowd as he did with the woman at the well (food that endures, eating of bread and drinking that which never stops satisfying compared with living water).

a) How would you contrast this account with the one of the woman in John 4?
b) What happens in each as the discussion progresses?

4) What implicit promises does Jesus offer in v. 35-40 to those who follow him as a disciple?

Jesus Drives out Disbelievers with Truth about Himself (6:41-70)

1) What do the crowds’ grumblings reveal about their failure to clearly comprehend about Jesus?

2) Why does Jesus insist on placing himself at the center of what it means to believe in God?

a) What happens to those who trust in Jesus?
b) What is true about those who refuse to trust in Jesus?

3) Jesus gives them a troubling metaphor to further explain his worth and value, that of drinking his blood and eating his flesh?

a) What is he trying to communicate to them through this picture?
b) What is the quality and depth of the relationship between Jesus, the Father and his true followers?

4) What do we learn about the understanding and belief in this passage?

a) How are they dependent on the person of Jesus?
b) How are they centered upon Jesus?


1) What comfort may we take from this passage about being Jesus’ disciples?
2) How might you further express this week the truth that Christ stands at the center of all of reality?