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Life On Life

Life on Life Discipleship Mentoring

Posted: 4/23/2013

Life-on-Life Discipleship Mentoring is a way to help Christians to think and live biblically instead of simply following our feelings which is driven by the environment and cultural experiences that are presented to us via our world’s concepts of what life is all about. Because, we as Christian believe that God’s Word, the Bible is our only rule for faith and practice, we should both know what God’s Word says about every life situation, as well as choose to live according to God’s Word.

To get started, I want us to understand a very simple point that is displayed by the two boxes below.

Look at these two boxes, which represent how we look at our lives. Contrast the perception of your experience in any given situation with what God’s Word says about that experience.

The purpose of this exercise is to help us to evaluate how consistent our perceptions are with God’s Word. To follow this line of thinking, you must contrast the perception of your experience (box on the left) with what God’s Word says about that experience (box on the right)

When you fill in the left box (Your Experience), consider the circumstance which are being addressed, and consider your basic thoughts about your situation: How do you feel about the circumstance? What do you believe about the circumstance? What are others saying about your circumstances? Or, look at a Biblical concept about God or Christian living and write down your thoughts in the box to the left.

In the right box (God’s Word) put your thoughts about what God’s Word says about your circumstances, or biblical concept about God or Christian living

For example, consider the topic of God’s love for you in relation to John 3:16. You may feel that God is distant and too busy to care about you. Put those thoughts in the right box. When you read John 3:16, you will note that God’s Word says that He loves you so much that He sent His own Son to die for you. Put this observation in the right box.

The question we will all have to wrestle with is this: Will we be lead by our feelings ie… cultural experience in a certain situation, or will we be lead by the facts of God’s Word? If we chose to follow God’s Word in our life situations, that will lead us to a greater trust in God and His plan for our life, or if we chose to follow our feelings about life we will continue to struggle in knowing and doing God’s Will for every life situation.