Crossroads Church
People on mission with God
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Crossroads Church
People on mission with God
175 County Road 78, Middletown NY 10940

About Us

Purpose Statement

Crossroads Church exists to glorify God by being disciples who make disciples

Our VisionVision Statement

We envision a Church where people are growing in their intimate love relationship with God, growing in their faith in God, growing in their obedience to Christ's commands.

We also envision a Church that will be winning people to Christ, building people up in their faith, equipping people for ministry and multiplying Godly leaders.

Mission Statement

To build a balanced ministry that follows Christ's Great Commandment to love God and love people and fulfills Christ's Great Commission to make disciples of all people.

Follow the Great Commandment- Fulfill the Great Commission


The way we are going to be disciples are by developing venues for growth in three specific areas:

  • Intimate love relationship with Christ
    (Deuteronomy 6:4 & Matthew. 22:37)
  • Faith in the Word and Trust in Christ
    (2 Timothy 2:15 & Proverbs 3:5)
  • Obedience to Christ and His commands
    (John 14:15)

The way that the Church is going to make disciples is by developing ministries that: Win the lost, Build believers, Equip people for ministry and Multiply Godly leaders.


Our strategy is to develop seven centers of ministry

Prayer Center

Where prayer becomes our first work in everything we do.

Worship Center

Where true biblical worship encompasses all that we do in the arena of worship.

Teaching Center

Where we teach the whole counsel of God as the only guide for faith and practice.

Nurture Center

Where people are helping each other grow in their love, faith and obedience to Christ through small group ministry.

Outreach Center

Where lost people find Christ because we as God's people are cultivating relationships, planting the seed of God's truth, and leading people to Christ.

singingTraining Center

Where we are providing on-going training to equip people for ministry & leadership within the local Church.

Stewardship Center

Where we give our time, talents and treasures to God and His kingdom work.


The cost for such a ministry will be the wise use of people's time, talents and treasures, which will be knitted together by Christ's transformational love and life.