Crossroads Church
People on mission with God
Worship with
us on Sunday
starting at 10AM
Crossroads Church
People on mission with God
175 County Road 78, Middletown NY 10940


Welcome to Crossroads Church. Our mission is to create a discipleship environment where people in the greater Middletown area are being transformed into the likeness of Christ by implementing ministries that help us to mature as disciples as well as make disciples that are bearing fruit for God's kingdom work.

On our site you will have the opportunity to learn about our mission, read about our history, and find out when and where we meet.

You will also find information about our Ministry Team and Discipleship Groups. And if you are interested, you can check out Pastor Dave's Sermon for the Soul and the Digging Deeper Bible Study that accompanies his sermon.

We also offer a page that tells you about our missionaries & under the subject of the Book of the Month, you will find a review of a good book that will help you focus down on spiritual things. For those with children, we offer the Kid's Page, to help them grow.

Feel free to check us out and see if we have what you are looking for and by all means come visit us if you are in the greater Middletown area of New York

- Dave Billings, Pastor